Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life is good. Just trying to stay financially stress free. I know things will be ok it's just habbit to worry. I have been studying hard for my P&C (property and casualty) exam for work for about a month and a half. I took the exam on Monday in Taylorsville, UT and failed...suck! So I'm back to studying for the exam...again. I'm not sure my brain can take much more info. :] Each time I take the exam I have to pay $80 plus another $20 for finger prints if I pass not to mention the gas money it takes to get out there and traffic is terrible right now because of all the construction going on. I'm hoping that since I have taken the test once I'll be able to study those things that were on the exam and hopefully retain more info.

Matt and I were also trying to find a less expensive apartment to move into when our lease ends at the end of September. The only problem is if the apartment is in our price range and looks nice then it is also income restricted and we make too much now that I'm working. Or it's in our price range and it looks scary. We found an apartment in Riverdale, UT and put money down to hold it but didn't sign the lease. We got a great deal on it but it's a bit scary looking on the outside. The inside is decent but I didn't feel good about the move. I finally talked to Matt about it and he felt the same. (Comunication is key! wish we would have comunicated about it sooner. :] ) We both feel we need to stay in the apartments we are in now. We wont be saving money but we are comfortable there and feel this is where we need to be. We love our community and the people in the office are great!

Other than that nothing else is new. I'll post something soon.