Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rachael made me realize that we haven't been updating out blogs because we basically use Facebook to update the family in everything that's going on. We can update pictures and stuff but do we really know what everyone has been up to? I sure don't. So, Here I am...updating our blog.

Matt and I have finally moved into a basement apartment in Layton close the the mountain. Winters will be difficult because we have to trudge through the snow in grass and mud. There isn't a cement walkway to our door. That will be the hardest part of living there. But so far we feel right at home. We love it! It is about 1,000sq feet, two bed, one bath, a large kitchen, and a decent size living room. The bedrooms are kinda small but it's really all we need for our small family.

Matt is working hard trying to complete this semester. He is going to school full time AND working full time this semester. I can tell he's burnt out. I'm so proud of him. He works hard, goes to school and still finds time to do things for me. :]

I am still working full time for American Family Insurance. I like the job and I'm hoping my agent will keep me on as a part time worker once Corbin comes. Rumor has it he isn't but I'm hoping he changes his mind. Things have been a whole lot better between me and my agent. He is realizing just how valuable I am in his agency and I am realizing that I need to make constant adjustments in my job title to help him out. It is just the two of us running his agency and it's been tough.

Corbin is growing everyday it seems like. My belly is slightly bigger everyday. I am really enjoying my pregnancy. I smile every time I feel him moving around. We can't wait to meet him in just 10 more weeks! I wanna see his beautiful features. I'm anxious to see who he is going to look like most. I just hope he doesn't have my forehead. :]

Matt and I still go to the gym about 5-6 times a week. I think I would go crazy if I wasn't physically active during this time. I think that is what has been making this pregnancy so much easier. I have more energy than I thought I would. Granted my first and the beginning of the second trimester was VERY hard, but all in all it's been good.

That's really all that has been going on with the Allens. I love and miss every one of you! <3