Thursday, January 28, 2010

Matt and I found out what we were having on the 27th. It was such an amazing experience. We loved seeing our baby and his body in (almost) detail. When we went in for the ultrasound she scanned my belly for a second or two, saw that my bladder was full and told me the ultrasound would take about 20 minutes and that I might want to relieve myself because she was going to be pushing on my belly. So I did and when I came back she said, "I already know what you're having." Matt and I both were so shocked. She said that she has been doing ultrasounds for about 20 years. She scanned the baby for a second and then found his parts. :] He sure is Matt's son! I have been so exstatic ever since the ultrasound. WE'RE HAVING A BOY!

It's so crazy and unbelievable that there is life in my belly. There is a child of God growing inside of me! I am so greatful to know what I know about the gospel. It's making this experiece so much more meaningful.

I can NOT wait to see Corbin Lee Allen around June 15th! <3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WEEK 19! Matt and I have been anxiously waiting for the 27th to come. We finally get to find out what we're having! We both would Love a boy but we would be happy even with a girl. We'll find out in 3 more days! YIPPIE!
Matt is in school full time this semester. He's taking World History, Music Appreciation, Computer Engineering, and a communications class. He's pretty exhausted once he gets home. He gets up around 4:00am, goes to the gym, school, and then work till 6:00pm. That's pretty much what his week consists of. I'm so proud of him. I consider myself lucky to have Matt in my life.
I am still working full time at American Family Insurance. I can actually say that I like my job, I just have trouble with the people I work with. They're very hypocritical. At least I have a job. I'm sure I can find another Agency to work for or another Insurance company all together. Just a few more months before the baby comes and after that I will probably only work for them part time. It's going to be hard paying for bills and getting Matt through school but I know the Lord will help us. Staying with the Crooks has been a BIG help! Thank you guys! <3

That's it for now I suppose. I love you all.