Monday, May 17, 2010

Only just about four weeks to go till ‘D’ Day…unless Corbin decides to come early. :] Matt and I are getting so much more excited the closer the time comes! I’m just hoping we have everything we need. We’re not really sure what to expect.

I am going natural and using some techniques used in Hypnobirthing. Matt supports me 100% and will be there to help me relax. I love him so much. He spoils me.
I wasn’t able to do any kind of birthing classes but I think I’ve gotten enough help from Rachel and from what I’ve studied on Hypnobirthing that I think I’ll be ok. Rachel periodically sends me different YouTube clips of water births, natural births, and hypnobirthing and I have to admit I am so nervous and scared for the day Corbin will be here. How in the world does this baby come out of my body!? Heavenly Father truly made remarkable beings.

My biggest fear is that I’ll be a bad mom and wife when he comes and I worry that Corbin will not make good decisions as he gets older. I want him so much to go on a mission and to stay close to this gospel and to have a good testimony. I want him to be able to help people and have charity. I want him to be a better person than I am. I know that Matt and I have to be the exemplar and that’s what scares me. I’m just glad we have such a good family to help us. :]

I’m still working full time with American Family Insurance right now. My last day before I start my Maternity leave will be June 11th. I can’t wait. I’m so excited to have a break from this job. I might not even have a job to come back to. My agent might be loosing his Agency. He hasn’t been bringing enough “good” business into the company. I worry that I won’t be able to come back part time IF he still does have an agency. The only thing that keeps me calm is that I know that if I don’t have a job once Corbin comes then I can focus more on being a good mom and wife. I’m sure I can find a part time job somewhere else but I’m not too worried because we’ll have Corbin. :]

Wish us luck! We love you all!