Monday, September 05, 2011

Hello again

Wow. It really has been a while since I've updated our family blog. I can't say I've been busy because that would just be an excuse. :] Our Family has been through it's challenges. Mostly Financial but we're making it happen. With the Lords help we are doing fine. 6 months ago we moved into a small apartment in Kaysville. The rent is affordable and it's in a great ward. There really isn't anywhere outside that Corbin can play so we visit Matt's family a lot so Corbin can play outside. Corbin LOVES going to Grandma and Grandpa's. He knows when It's time to leave because everyone has their shoes on. :] Corbin loves being outside. His way of telling us he wants to go out is knocking on the door and he can actually reach the door handle now. Matt's been trying to go to school but it seems like every semester something stands in the way. He switched his degree and is now going into Physical Therapy. This semester Matt was planning on going and then I get a letter in the mail from Weber State stating that we have been sent to Collections for an overdue fine that was never paid. I had never herd about the fine till then. We obviously couldn't pay the large-ish fine up front so we have to make payments. The only way he could register this semester is to have the fine paid off. So...It is postponed again. I'm just ready for us to start moving forward. I feel like we're at a stand still in our lives. We wont be able to get a bigger place until Matt can get a better job or if I go back to work full time. I can't work full time because then I would have to rely on family to watch Corbin and I know that would be hard on them. I'm almost finished with getting my Personal Training License so I'm hoping that will help. Matt works hard so I feel like I should to. Corbin is getting so big. He'll be 15 months on the 17th. I can't believe he's almost 18 months! I'm looking forward to him going into the nursery at church. :] I'm ready to have complete attention during Relief Society. Corbin's Grandma (Rayleen) got Corbin some little Cowboy boots that are about 3 sizes to small but he loves to wear them. He brings us the boots so he can walk around in them. It's the cutest thing. I think that's it for now. I can hear Corbin in the other room awake from his afternoon nap. Daddy's still in the other room asleep so that's my cue. Back to being a Mommy. :]

Monday, November 15, 2010

Here are some late pictures of our Halloween. I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. Not to mention Our 2 year Anniversary is coming up on the 28th!!! WOWZA! Love you all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I suppose it's about time for a new post. Our little family has been doing good. We have our health, our faith, and family. So I guess we are doing great. Since I quit my job at American Family Insurance after Corbin was born we couldn't keep up with our bills so we had to move out of our basement apartment and now live with Matt's parents. The bedrooms are bigger so that's awesome! Corbin even gets his own room. We are so grateful to his family! I feel like I owe them my life. They have done so much for us since we've been married. There aren't words to express my gratitude.

I am still working, just not for AmFam. I am now back at my old job taking care of the babies in the nursery at Golds Gym. I only make minimum wage for 9 hours a week. We pretty much get our membership free since I work there so it's worth it. Plus I LOVE being around all the little ones. Knowing they have just recently left our Heavenly Fathers presence is amazing. Grandma Rayleen watches Corbin for us while I go to work. It gives them One on One time. :]

Matt has an opportunity to move up to Assistant Manager in his store. Their assistant manager they did have moved out of town to take a Manager position. Matt's already been denied a few times already for other stores but because the position is open in his own store...well, Lets just say he BETTER get it! :]

Corbin will be four months on Sunday (the 17th). He's getting so big FAST! I love seeing his changes everyday. He gets so frustrated on his belly sometimes because he just wants to move. :] He's rolling over very well but still trying to crawl. I LOVE watching Corbin and Matt play together. Corbin loves his daddy. :]

That's all for now. Miss all of you.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm finally posting about our Canon Beach vacation. We had a blast. Although, I think my postpartum peaked while we were on the trip. :[ I had major issues with my emotions. :] Other than that it was nice to get out of town. :] Corbin Loved the sound of the ocean. We went to Tillamook while we were in Oregon also. That was pretty fun. Their ice cream is AMAZING! It was very overcast and chilly pretty much the entire time. Our last day there we did get a few hours of sun but it was still me anyway. :]

Thank you Momma Rayleen and Papa Tom!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I can't believe Corbin is already 4 weeks old! Time flies. :] He's been a very good baby so far. Night time is of course the hardest. He starts to get very fussy around 6:00 pm and he wakes up about 2-3 times a night for feeding. Generally he goes right back to sleep after the first two feedings but when he wakes up for the third, he is wide awake and it takes him about two hours to go back to sleep. UGH! It's so hard. I love him and that's the only thing keeping me from throwing him out the window sometimes! :] ok ok...I would NEVER do that but it is so tiring.
Having Corbin really makes me appreciate what Mom did for us. How she handled 8 kids is beyond me! :] Props Mom.

I'm so excited for this weekend. Corbin and I are going to Canon Beach for the first time with Matt and his family. We leave Saturday Morning and Come home I believe the next Friday. A whole week in a Condo right on the beach. AHHHHH Sweet Relaxation. Matt needs this vacation for sure! He works hard and I love him for it. Guess my next post will be about our trip to Canon Beach (Seaside, Oregon).

Love you all. Hope to see you soon. XOXO

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Corbin Savage Allen is finally here! He is one week old today. Born on June 17th. Weighed 7lbs 10oz and 20in long. Time goes by so fast. :] He is everything we could have asked for. He's pretty calm for the most part. Only cries if he gets too hungry or if he's frustrated because he can't latch on. He does pretty good for the most part. It's an amazing feeling to look at him and know that he has just left Heavenly Father's presence. He just said his goodbyes to Shelby Drumm and now his beautiful spirit is in my arms. Gives me chills. :]

Corbin had his first Pediatric appointment on Monday and Dr. Strauser says he is as healthy as can be and is highly unlikely to have colic. :] He is on the low end of the scale for his weight but he is slowly gaining it. He's got the cutest monkey arms and legs. :]

Thanks a ton to Aunt Beverly, Sarah and Rabecca for being there for his beautiful (but painful) entry into our family. It definitely wouldn't have been the same without their support. Aunt Beverly did a great job coaching me but I'm not sure I did a good job controlling myself during hard labor. Matty was wonderful also. He was right there with me every second of it, encouraging me.

I NEVER thought I would be IN love with two guys. ;] I could not be happier.