Thursday, July 15, 2010

I can't believe Corbin is already 4 weeks old! Time flies. :] He's been a very good baby so far. Night time is of course the hardest. He starts to get very fussy around 6:00 pm and he wakes up about 2-3 times a night for feeding. Generally he goes right back to sleep after the first two feedings but when he wakes up for the third, he is wide awake and it takes him about two hours to go back to sleep. UGH! It's so hard. I love him and that's the only thing keeping me from throwing him out the window sometimes! :] ok ok...I would NEVER do that but it is so tiring.
Having Corbin really makes me appreciate what Mom did for us. How she handled 8 kids is beyond me! :] Props Mom.

I'm so excited for this weekend. Corbin and I are going to Canon Beach for the first time with Matt and his family. We leave Saturday Morning and Come home I believe the next Friday. A whole week in a Condo right on the beach. AHHHHH Sweet Relaxation. Matt needs this vacation for sure! He works hard and I love him for it. Guess my next post will be about our trip to Canon Beach (Seaside, Oregon).

Love you all. Hope to see you soon. XOXO